Time to Cool the Fiery Trayvon Rhetoric

April 9 is a “day of action” called by the New Black Panther Party to protest the death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida this past February.  So far, it appears to be a very unremarkable day with little action.

Thank goodness.

In a 4/7/12 teleconference, portions of which were posted on Breitbart.com, members of the New Black Panther Party leadership dialed up the rhetoric to a level that should not be taken lightly.  An unremarkable day, after hearing what they said, will be a blessing.

Michelle Williams, identified by Breitbart.com as being on the call and who is listed as chief of staff of the Tampa chapter of the New Black Panther Party, said she was “kinda pissed off that the state of Florida ain’t [already] on fire” and that “I am for violence” and boasted that people she knows in St. Petersburg, Florida “aren’t scared to kill a cracker.”  In addition to crackers, she derisively calls whites “honkies,” “pigs” and “pink people.”  A person identified as Party national spokesman Chwan Kweli informed participants on the call that “true revolution means some bloodshed” and that they “have to cross red sea… some blood and some battles” to achieve their goals.

A third, unidentified voice suggests stocking up on food, water and guns for the upcoming struggle for the “complete removal of capitalism.” He suggests capitalism is a root of racism.

On top of everything else, there is a report that members of the National Socialist Movement are also arriving in Sanford in a move that will undoubtedly further stir up tensions.

P21KevinMartinProject 21 spokesman Kevin Martin is calling for an end to all the heated rhetoric, and for cooler heads to prevail before things truly spin out of control.  While these radical elements bring things close to a boil in Florida, Kevin says just as much blame falls to the politicians and the media for fanning the flames of discontent.

Kevin says:

Trayvon Martin went from victim to become an unfortunate political football.  The New Black Panther Party audio clip that Breitbart.com posted clearly shows that the uproar over Martin’s death empowered fringe racial element such the New Black Panther Party and the National Socialist Movement.  It shows that subsequent actions there brought out the worst elements of our society
Politicians and an activist media allowed personal and sometimes untrue accusations to dominate the situation well before a full and independent investigation could be conducted.  After racial tensions rose and incidents motivated by those tensions occurred, those same people — who were once so generous with their unsolicited opinions in this Martin case — are not really helping to call for calm and for time so that all of the facts can become known.  Seeing as they claim to only want justice in this case, these “leaders” should publicly condemn any and all violence and bounties on a private citizen.

How can honest justice come when groups are threatening violence in the streets in the obvious hope of intimidating those seeking to carryout a full and honest investigation into all the facts?

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