We Asked Apple’s Tim Cook a Question and He Got Mad and We Think This is Why

Silver_Apple_Logo_WhiteResponding to one of many media inquiries, I’ve written a somewhat detailed explanation of what our thinking is about Apple and what was behind both our shareholder proposal and question — the question that Apple CEO Cook responded to with anger, and which has now gotten press coverage on every continent except Antarctica.

I’ll be posting that tomorrow after the newspaper in question has a chance to quote from it (if it wants to), but in the meantime, I refer everyone to an article by the British writer Tim Worstall that, we believe, explains what happened — why Tim Cook got so mad, and why he said a few things that not only were non-responsive to the question, but also not particularly wise things for a corporate CEO to say — perfectly.

The article: “Apple’s Tim Cook And His Dilemma Over Sustainability And Climate Change.”

We’ll be saying more tomorrow, but Tim Worstall “gets it.”

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