Donna Jackson: Biden White House Living in an Alternate Reality

Donna Jackson

Donna Jackson

Ahead of President Biden’s 2023 State of the Union address earlier this week, Project 21 Director of Membership Development Donna Jackson spoke with The Epoch Times’s Jeff Louderback about the ways Americans — and specifically minorities — are suffering under Biden’s policies:

Donna Jackson, a spokesperson for the Project 21 Black Leadership Network, told The Epoch Times, “He [Biden] keeps talking about inflation going down, but I don’t know anyone who isn’t paying a lot more than they were before he took office. The black community helped him win, yet much of what he has done disproportionately harms our community.

“Gas. Groceries. Electric bills. Clothes. Many people can’t afford to buy basic necessities and pay their bills. Many people can’t even afford eggs anymore,” Jackson added.

Almost 70 percent of black households are headed by a single parent, Jackson notes.

“If there are two parents in a household and both have jobs, that is at least easier to make ends meet. But a majority of minorities have a single-parent household,” Jackson said. “When one expense increases—like gas, for example—that is more manageable. But right now, expenses are high in every area, and monthly costs pile up.”

The narrative from Biden and the White House does not represent the “reality that many minorities are dealing with right now,” Jackson said.

“The State of the Union should be called the state of two unions,” Jackson said. “One union is pushing a positive story, and the other union is not seeing those results.”

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