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Raytheon Doubles Down on Woke Policies /
Last summer, reporter Chris Rufo uncovered controversial training materials at Raytheon that demonstrate how the company indoctrinates its employees using Critical Race Theory (CRT). The training documents reveal that the company has been asking employees to “identify [their] privilege” and ...
Investors Denounce Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh for 'Partisan Toxicity'

Investors Denounce Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh for ‘Partisan Toxicity’

Press Release /
Is Levi’s Still a Publicly Traded Corporation or a Far-Left Political Action Committee? Washington, D.C. – Leading investor activists from the Free Enterprise Project (FEP) presented a shareholder proposal that took Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh to task over the ...
CRT math

Florida Boots CRT From Math Classes /
Believe it or not, radicals in the classroom have found a way to make math about race. But Florida is one state that is putting a stop to this attempt to politicize the classroom. The Florida Department of Education rejected ...
“Self-Imposed Ignorance” of Cancel Culture

“Self-Imposed Ignorance” of Cancel Culture /
When University of Buffalo student leader Therese Purcell entered a men’s bathroom on her campus, it had nothing to do with protesting gender norms. She said she was “afraid for my life” while being chased by radical protestors. Purcell and ...
Horace Cooper discusses racial violence.

Anti-American Slurs, Slander Causing Racial Violence /
Before the Brooklyn subway shooter was taken into custody, his irrational behavior was on display. His social media was full of racially hateful postings. He was once on an FBI watchlist. Yet he was able to manifest his hatred in ...
Critical Race Theory Is Especially Hurtful for Black America

Critical Race Theory Is Especially Hurtful for Black America /
Within a remarkably short period of time, a once-obscure academic doctrine has emerged to roil American society in a manner not seen since the urban riots and anti-war protests of over half a century ago.  While it is most conspicuous ...
Horace Cooper Discusses Oscars Slap

MSNBC Host Says Oscars Slap a Black Thing, You Wouldn’t Understand /
Just as America thought the obsession with Will Smith hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars had ended, MSNBC dragged everyone back into it. And now the leftist media wants to make this incident involving black men a white supremacy issue ...
Media Make Judge Jackson Undeserving Celebrity

Media Make Judge Jackson Undeserving Celebrity /
When it comes to the appointment of Supreme Court justices, “[t]he media’s treatment of a liberal nominee versus a conservative nominee has been a study in stark contrasts these past weeks.” In an American Greatness commentary, Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace ...
NFL football game

Black Americans Throw a Flag on NFL’s Discriminatory Diversity Mandates

Press Release /
Project 21 Members Say Expanded Rooney Rule Overlooks Talent to Satisfy Woke Demands Washington, D.C. – Members of the Project 21 black leadership network called new National Football League (NFL) hiring mandates “cruel” and “discriminatory,” and criticized league management for ...
Jackson Would Push Supreme Court “Well Beyond” Founders’ Intent

Jackson Would Push Supreme Court “Well Beyond” Founders’ Intent /
In an interview on “Real America With Dan Ball” on the One America News Network, Project 21 member Michael Austin warned that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson – if confirmed – would further radicalize the U.S. Supreme Court, even though she ...

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