Project 21’s Kevin Martin On Times Square Terrorist Bombing

From David Almasi:

Early this morning, Times Square in New York City was rocked by a terrorist explosion. Security cameras show someone on a bicycle approach the military recruiting station located on the south end of the square at about 3:40am. A package was dropped. Minutes later, an explosion that was felt blocks away damaged the recruiting station.Project 21 and Navy veteran Kevin Martin recently helped lead a rally in support of recruiters in Washington, DC whose office was attacked by left-wing activists (news about this rally can be found here). While the person thought to be responsible for this morning’s attack has yet to be found or identified, Kevin believes that the increasingly nasty political rhetoric regarding our forces in Iraq has contributed to an atmosphere in which a domestic terrorist action against our military can be considered.Here’s what Kevin says:

This kind of unconscionable behavior is what happens when an already unhinged radical left is spurred into action by the rhetoric of politicians. They are essentially putting a target on the backs of our troops with their anti-war and anti-Bush zeal. Too many politicians seem willing to play fast-and-loose with the facts and turn any news out of Iraq into a negative these days. In the process, they are hurting troop morale and – in this case today – I believe they are inciting acts of domestic terrorism.

As a veteran, I believe this type of behavior cannot be tolerated. With our recruiting stations and recruiters under increasing attacks by leftists across the nation, I find it hard to believe that I have not yet heard anything about congressional investigations into this disturbing trend. When I hear lawmakers opposed to our work in Iraq say they want to support our troops by bringing them home where they will be safe, it now rings hollow. At least, in Iraq, our troops can shoot back when they are under attack.

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