Blacks Grade Trump High, Liberals Low in SOTU Performances

With a pocketful of achievements and a hand offered in friendship, President Trump’s State of the Union address is being applauded by members of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network. Sour-faced liberals who rarely clapped during the speech – even at news they should have loved – fared much worse in the activists’ assessments.

Immediately after the speech, Project 21 issued a press release praising Trump’s performance. Since then, more reviews have arrived.

Deroy Murdock, a Fox News Channel contributor, said:

In a commanding performance, President Donald J. Trump was strong, focused and in control. Those who just weeks ago claimed that he was too mentally ill to perform his duties must feel particularly foolish.

While he led with specific ideas and a sincere appeal for Democrats to work with him on a variety of issues, his opponents were paralyzed in their seats. Shockingly, they refused to applaud, stand or cheer the news that black unemployment is at its lowest point since the federal government kept records on this phenomenon.

This tells our citizens all that they need to know about how much liberal Democrats really care about black Americans.

Derryck Green, Ph.D., who commented in the release, added:

President Trump’s first year in office was extremely chaotic and at times both juvenile and dysfunctional. However, the policies he’s implemented have helped create more than two million jobs, the stock market has added $7 trillion dollars to its total, national unemployment claims were at their lowest in 44 years and black unemployment is at an all-time reported low.

Consumer confidence is up. There’s an undeniable optimism toward a strengthening economy. Because of his recently passed tax cuts, more than 200 businesses are giving its employees raises and bonuses. When the tax cuts are fully implemented, American workers will get to keep even more of both.

Under Obama, we were told that the economic stagnation and pessimism were a new kind of normal. So far with Trump, he’s not only proved that outlook false – he’s determined to revive attaining the ideal of the American Dream. These are very good things.

Yet when the President extended a hand in peace to liberals and called for an end to the vitriol and animosity, many liberals in that chamber sat stone-faced. In my opinion, it is indicative of the collaboration America can expect from them going forward. It demonstrated that, even after more than a year, liberals still have no agenda except an uncontrollable hatred for Donald Trump.

Emery McClendon wrote this in his analysis posted on the Politichicks website:

The President…stated that we are building a safe, strong and proud America as he touted his record on jobs, highlighting Afro-Americans and Hispanics…

It is imperative that Congress and the public support our President and his policies so that we can all share in the furtherance of the American Dream. It is now up to our elected officials to follow up, and for every American to get onboard the “Trump Train” so that we can indeed “Make America Great Again.” After all, Americans are dreamers, too!





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