Project 21’s Stacy Washington Begins Weekday Satellite Radio Show

Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington will bring her “Stacy on the Right” talk radio show to weeknights on the SiriusXM Patriot channel beginning November 30.

Stacy, who previously hosted a weekend program and served as a frequent guest host, will now be heard Monday through Friday from 9:00pm until midnight Eastern Time. SiriusXM Patriot – a conservative talk-oriented format on the satellite radio service – is found on channel 125.

SiriusXM Vice President Dave Gorab said that Stacy’s weekend show “didn’t take long to take off with our audience.” He added:

In addition to her weekly program, Stacy played a vital role in SiriusXM Patriot’s campaign coverage and was a regular contributor to programs across the channel. The expansion to a daily show comes as well-deserved recognition for Stacy’s contributions, and we know our audience will be excited to hear Stacy on the Right five nights a week.

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