Investor’s Business Daily Covers Our Work on Misdirected Stimulus Funds; Spying on Icebergs

InvestorsBusinessDailyLogoFuzzy.jpgInvestor’s Business Daily is editorializing today about our press statement on the half-million-dollar “stimulus” grant to Climategate scientist Michael Mann of Penn State.

I love the beginning (the title, “Stimulating Fraud,” is pretty hard-hitting):

With double-digit unemployment in a jobless recovery, half-a-million stimulus dollars have saved a ClimateGate scientist whose work could lead to economic disaster. To save this job, we’d lose millions of others.

As we’ve gone from jobs saved or created to jobs funded in ZIP codes and congressional districts that don’t exist except in galaxies far, far away, many interesting nuggets have been mined from the government’s, which tracks the administration’s lack of progress.

It’s one thing to fail to create real jobs. It is quite another to fund the jobs of people who would put millions of Americans out of work…

Read the rest here.

Also, I neglected to mention when it happened, January 7, that Investor’s Business Daily published an editorial about our statement on intelligence resources being used to monitor climate change:

We can’t stop terrorists from boarding planes with explosive undies, but the CIA has assets sufficient to monitor Arctic ice and look for signs of global warming? Is al-Qaida recruiting polar bears?

One wouldn’t think that the increasing polar bear population and the increasing rate of recidivism of former Guantanamo detainees released into the wild were related, but they are.

At the urging of Al Gore…

…read the rest here.

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