Author: Scott Shepard

Larry Fink BlackRock

The Trips to Davos Have Gone to Larry Fink’s Head

Larry Fink really has let all of those trips to Davos go to his head. In what is, so far as I know, the BlackRock CEO’s most recent act of public grandiloquence, he and BlackRock have urged the Securities & ...
Morningstar Israel

Morningstar’s ESG: Proudly Leftist, Covertly Anti-Israel

Morningstar, the investor-research firm, claims to be “all in for investors,” and that because its founder “thought it was unfair that people didn’t have access to the same information as financial professionals,” the company was founded “to deliver investment research to everyone.” ...
Honest CEO

What Honest, Neutral ESG Would Look Like

Despite the transparent prevarications of the most powerful proponents of current ESG, those positions are entirely and deeply partisan. As has been noted on these pages before, Larry Fink followed up his assertions that ESG and stakeholder capitalism are neither “partisan” nor ...
Dobbs digging

With Knee-Jerk Dobbs Responses, Woke CEOs Keep On Digging

Woke CEOs build traps for themselves, and then fall right into them, with such regularity that even the venerable Wile E. Coyote has begun to look away in embarrassment. The Dobbs decision has provided the most recent needless-risk creation opportunity. Despite New York ...
school choice private school

Lawful Workplace Diversity Requires Full School Choice

Big news from the United States Supreme Court this week. No, not that news. Rather, the decision in Carson v. Makin that struck down Blaine Amendments and their progeny as violations of the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment of ...
Joe Scarborough MSNBC media bias

Too Few People Want What Joe Scarborough Is Selling

However badly the one-time pillars of the American news industry misunderstand economics, they cannot escape it. The law of supply and demand, like the gods of the copybook headings, will assert itself. This is very bad news for the industry, ...
Larry Fink BlackRock

As Larry Fink Retreats Rhetorically, His Incoherence Grows Louder

Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock, appears to know that his attempt to run the American economy, and to inflict his personal preferences on society from company headquarters, are at very least too obvious. And so he has been retreating ...
WEF Larry Fink

It’s Past Time for Corporations to Abandon the World Economic Forum

And so, after two years of lockdowns required them to do their plotting by Zoom, the self-appointed Masters of the Universe have met again in Davos, Switzerland, presumably in a castle shaped like the skull of a vicious animal, to ...
Is the Woke Corporate 'Worm' Finally Turning?

Is the Woke Corporate ‘Worm’ Finally Turning?

More than a few executives appear to be glimpsing the high costs of politicized corporate management. A chief driver of these revelations is surely the rolling market correction that has characterized 2022. At one point last week, the Nasdaq was ...
Equity Businessman Frustrated

Equity Theory As a (Terrible) Strategy for Growth

Many corporate executives have claimed that embracing “equity” theory at their companies (and, in the case of investment-house CEOs, trying to force equity on companies whether they like it or not) is in the objective, demonstrable best interest of shareholders ...

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