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Scott Shepard: States Can Stop the Outsourcing of Race Discrimination by Corporations

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Last week The Federalist published an important story detailing how various companies are “laundering” or “out-sourcing” their efforts to discriminate against so-called “non-diverse” employees on the basis of race, sex and orientation to non-profits, charities and public benefit corporations. It reported that [i]n response to ...
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Corporate Elites Don’t Recognize Shareholders As Owners

Every American has experienced miserable customer service from our corporate overlords, but that cold shoulder is a warm hug compared to how corporations cheat and deceive their own owners — the shareholders. As a conservative shareholder activist for the Free ...
Visa Slammed for Sponsoring the Upcoming Beijing Olympics

Visa Slammed for Sponsoring the Upcoming Beijing Olympics

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Visa Shareholders Express Concern Over Company’s Failure to Address Chinese Communist Party Atrocities Washington, D.C. – Visa executives today refused to address concerns from investors over the company’s continued sponsorship of the upcoming Beijing Olympics in light of the Chinese ...
Big Tech Becoming Big Brother

Big Tech Becoming Big Brother /
There is a looming, existential threat to American conservatives and others who anger the establishment. Censorship is certainly affecting our freedom of speech right now, but it is also increasingly affecting the ability for some people to make and spend ...

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