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NAACP Warns Blacks Not to Travel to Florida -- Which Ranks #2 for Black-Owned Businesses

NAACP Warns Blacks Not to Travel to Florida — Which Ranks #2 for Black-Owned Businesses

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Despite Florida being one of the best states for black business owners, the NAACP has decided the state is irredeemably racist, and has issued a travel advisory against it. The NAACP points to several of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s policies ...
Durham Report

Project 21 Ambassadors Saddened That the Durham Report Confirms Their Suspicions and Fears

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Ambassadors with the Project 21 black leadership network are responding to the "Durham Report," a 300+-page document delivered this week by Special Counsel John Durham finding that the Department of Justice and FBI "failed to uphold their mission of strict ...
Scam alert

Horace Cooper Compares California Reparations to the Nigerian Prince Scam

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If you've ever wondered what Project 21 Chairman Horace Cooper thinks of California's reparations proposal, wonder no more.  And he certainly doesn't disappoint in his assessment: This high-stakes con game will prove no more beneficial to Blacks in California than ...
Paris Jackson Prince Jackson

Horace Cooper on California’s Reparations Scam: Michael Jackson’s Kids Would Get Payouts

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In 2020 the California legislature passed AB 3121 which created a 9-person task force to study California’s "complicity in slavery." The task force would also be authorized to make recommendations to the state legislature about payments – also known as ...
Howard University Graduates "Need Words of Inspiration, Not Words of Separation"

Howard University Graduates “Need Words of Inspiration, Not Words of Separation”

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Ambassadors with the Project 21 black leadership network have choice words for President Joe Biden regarding his controversial commencement address at Howard University. A. Sonia Morris: President Biden’s comments at Howard University’s 2023 commencement exercises are at best condescending and ...
Roland Martin Christopher Arps

Roland Martin’s Solution to Gun Violence? Wiping Out Republicans

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After the recent mass shooting in Allen, Texas, our nation is once again grieving and grappling for answers. But this time, podcast host Roland Martin has a unique solution to solve gun violence: He says we need “to completely wipe ...
Bud Light

Michael Austin: Bud Light Sales Are “Dropping Faster Than a Drunken Frat Boy”

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As Anheuser-Busch continues to reap devastating financial consequences from its decision to partner with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, Project 21 Ambassador Michael Austin cheers the power of the free market: Anheuser-Busch's recent Bud Light fiasco is a stark reminder that ...
electric car

Kathleen Wells: The Political Left’s Failed History Continues with Electric Cars

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The Political Left demonstrates a schizophrenic belief system that fails and tends to vacillate in time. If one lives long enough and pays attention, one realizes that the policies embraced by the Political Left have all been complete and utter ...
Abortion Pill Endangers Women While Lining Big Pharma's Pockets

Abortion Pill Endangers Women While Lining Big Pharma’s Pockets

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"Abortion is the next infomercial for a class-action lawsuit," writes Project 21 Ambassador Patrina Mosley. In an InsideSources commentary, Patrina explains how the stripping of regulations surrounding the abortion pill is endangering women in the name of profit. The abortion ...
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Social Justice Prosecutors Seek Justice for Some, Not All

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Alvin Bragg isn't just a Trump persecutor. He is part of a much larger, systemic, sinister problem that threatens the American ideal of justice and the rule of law. In The Washington Times, Project 21 Ambassador Curtis T. Hill, Jr ...

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