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Featuring the Work and Ideas of the National Center for Public Policy Research & Project 21

Left-Wing Ties of Domestic Spies

Left-Wing Ties of Domestic Spies
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Big-budget movies such as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and “True Lies” have pushed storylines of the shock of someone discovering their spouse or significant other is involved in espionage. But the reality appears to be more like the overlooked “Arlington Road,” in which a couple is all-in together in their clandestine work.

The recent arrest of a Maryland couple for attempting to sell American nuclear secrets also adds to the trend of these destructive duos having clear left-wing political agendas. Not that this gets a lot – or any – press coverage.

Horace Cooper

“[S]trangely enough,” writes Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper, “husband and wife traitor teams are often linked to left-wing politics. Why hasn’t the establishment media focused on this tie?”

As Horace explains in a commentary published by American Greatness, “very little media coverage has focused on their progressive political background – the most likely key to their misdeeds.”

In the recent case of Jonathan and Diana Toebbe, the couple sought to sell submarine nuclear reactor information to an still-unnamed foreign government when they were caught by an FBI sting operation. Diana acted as a lookout as Jonathan left a computer memory card hidden in a peanut butter sandwich at a “dead drop” in West Virginia.

The Toebbes were high-profile in their politics. They flew a Black Lives Matter flag in their yard. Diana, whose social media echoed this radicalism, once posted: “America is temporarily out of order. We hope to restore service as quickly as possible.”

Horace notes that the media’s apparent lack of interest in their politics is part of a trend:

Unfortunately, little to no attention is given to their “woke” motivations.

But this isn’t surprising. In fact, a look at four earlier major treason cases reveals a similar trend: husbands and wives sell out their country and the media reports either that there is no motive for their treachery or they attribute their bad acts to mere greed.

Horace asks: “Is it possible that the hatred for country that undergirds so much of progressivism is the catalyst for this profound level of perfidy?” Consider how so many modern spy stories had love connections working against the interests of the United States:

  • Robert Hanssen willingly helped the Soviet Union obtain information on American intelligence assets while his wife – who had known what he was doing – did nothing to stop him.
  • Aldrich Ames revealed the identities of undercover agents later jailed and executed by the Soviets, believing that socialism would bring about “economic and social justice” – and his wife aided and abetted him after she discovered his deadly secret.
  • Edward Lee Howard defected to the Soviet Union after selling American secrets, and his wife was a key element in his escape from the United States.
  • Julius Rosenberg and his wife, Ethel, were executed in 1953 for passing along military secrets to the Soviets – and their veracity was later confirmed after the fall of the Soviet Union despite leftists’ decades-long defense of them.

“How many cases involving couples motivated by left-wing ideas must we see before the media starts asking if there is any correlation to treasonous behavior against America and left-wing ideology?” Horace asks.

To read all of Horace’s commentary – “Left-Wing Ties of Spy Couple Follow in the Grand Tradition of Treasonous Leftist Couples” – at American Greatness, click here. It is also available at the Tennessee Star.


Powell a Man of Dignity, Dedication and the Epitome of the American Dream

Powell a Man of Dignity, Dedication and the Epitome of the American Dream
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Colin Powell, a major figure in American military and diplomatic affairs, has died at the age of 84.

As the first black National Security Advisor, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State, Powell’s presence commanded particular impact in the black community. He was also a proponent of education reform.

Members of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network are commenting on Colin Powell’s career and how his life story is the epitome of the American Dream.


Deroy Murdock:

Throughout his 84 years, Colin Powell was a walking, talking refutation of the now-popular lie shouted by critical race theorists that black people are too hindered by white racism to succeed in America.

Colin Powell – a son of Jamaican immigrants – rose to the top of the U.S. military on the basis of meritocracy, another concept derided by today’s Left. His talent, dedication and patriotism took him from Vietnam veteran to chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He advanced even higher and became America’s first black Secretary of State – a post in which he acquitted himself with honor and dignity.

Powell was everything that the racist Left now claims he could not be. He deserves widespread applause and respect for disproving these lies and serving our country with tremendous distinction.


Nadra Enzi:

I remember each appointment of your storied career as milestones in black aspiration – capped off by not one, but two Presidential Medals of Freedom. Even pacifist and black nationalist community members took pride in you. And rightfully so.

I remember where we differed on issues of the day, but that didn’t make a difference in my respect for you. We’re supposed to be free, and therefore free to make independent decisions – and even regret past positions taken.


Richard Holt

Richard Holt:

Colin Powell was a hero, and is one of the best examples of what it means to be an American.

As a former soldier, I see General Powell as an example for us to follow as patriots and defenders of freedom globally. And he was distinguished not only through his work in uniform, but also in global affairs over the course of several presidents.

As a leader, he helped to bring America out of the Cold War and into the promise of success for the never-ending hope of global freedom.


Marie Fischer

Marie Fischer:

America and the world lost an officer and a gentleman.

Colin Powell was not only the epitome of the American Dream, but someone who embodied what one could become in America despite your beginnings.

Powell represented to me what all conservatives should be fighting to achieve.


Kathleen Wells:

When Colin Powell reminisced about his relatives sitting on a stoop in the Bronx, looking after and observing their offspring, he told the story of a young Hispanic man who graduated as valedictorian in his class – stating that his relatives would not allow him to fail.

This idea is one more black Americans should embrace.

The family is the most important institution in society— more people need to come to this realization.


AK Kamara:

Colin Powell was an American hero who truly embodied the American Dream.

As a poor young black kid growing up in the 90s, I was inspired by the story of Colin Powell, which made me believe that anything was possible. Regardless of race, family history or economic status, it is hard work, personal responsibility and accountability that allow any American to achieve anything they desire.

As a conservative black man in 2021, I’m still inspired by the trailblazing accomplishments of General Powell even though I disagree with him politically. Therein lies the truth. Two things can be true at the same time.

May God hold the Powell family as they mourn the loss of their father, grandfather and patriarch.


Christopher Arps:

Colin Powell lived a remarkable and inspiring life that was a true testament to the American ideal that anyone can achieve their American Dream regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation or physical limitation. He was unquestionably a man of duty, integrity and dignity. That dignity stood out to me when I first saw him on television – confidently giving press briefings during the Gulf War.

Powell attained a couple of notable firsts. This son of Jamaican immigrants was the first black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He was the first black Secretary of State. Admittedly, I really don’t celebrate these kind of firsts anymore because the Left has so bastardized these achievements that they’ve lost any real significance. More importantly, America is a great country, and Powell proved America its greatness by achieving his American dream of reaching the pinnacle of his military and diplomatic careers.

In the immortal words of General Douglas MacArthur, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” Here’s hoping that the memory of Secretary/General Powell never fades away – but remains a lasting reminder of what we all can be.

The news of Powell’s death came during Chris’s appearance on the Newsmax television program “Wake Up America.” Here is his segment:

Reducing Crime Through Redevelopment

Reducing Crime Through Redevelopment
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If the COVID-19 shutdown of the past year-and-a-half wasn’t enough, the increase in violence and crime in America’s cities is dealing a mortal blow to more than just the real estate market:

The lack of office workers has not just led to solitary buildings, but also to an absence of traffic for the small businesses surrounding them. The restaurants and bars where employees once frequented for lunch and happy hours have reduced hours, if they can stay open at all. Nearby coffee shops, dry cleaners, and convenience stores have experienced similar effects.

Project 21 member Stone Washington, in a RealClearPolicy commentary, reports that there is possible help from the most surprising of places:

[A] bill was recently introduced in Congress that could reduce crime, while also providing safer, cleaner streets and more vibrant cities. The Revitalizing Downtowns Act would help incentivize and offset the costs of gentrifying vacant structures into mixed-use or residential spaces – providing crucial assistance to developers as they aim to fill their spaces while innovating our city centers and ensuring they remain safe post-pandemic.

Stone explains that the bill provides incentives to developers to improve urban blight and decay. This, he writes, “is a tangible step to ensure that crime does not overrun urban centers before it is too late.”

“By focusing on the role of private developers, this legislation has the potential to reshape our cities,” he adds.

“With record-setting vacancies in cities across America – paired with rising rates of violent and drug-related crimes permeating our urban centers – it makes sense to partner with the private sector to address these growing problems, while also making strides to innovate our downtowns,” Stone concludes. “If we want to stop crime, support the economy, and bring life back to the American city, the Revitalizing Downtowns Act is a promising first step.”

To read Stone’s commentary – “Proposed Legislation Could Revitalize Cities and Reduce Crime” – in its entirety, click here.

Pfizer a “Den of Discrimination”

Pfizer a “Den of Discrimination”
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With its embrace of “equity” on several fronts, Pfizer – the company behind one of the three COVID vaccines Americans are being forced to take – has become “a den of discrimination deserving loud condemnation.”

In addition to its prior support of the “Equality Act” that would advance the LGBT agenda at the expense of religious freedom and women in sports, the pharmaceutical giant was recently found by Fox News to be engaging in racial quotas for hiring as well as fostering a divisive workplace environment.

In a Townhall commentary, the National Center’s Scott Shepard describes an employee training program of Pfizer’s that is rooted in critical race theory:

Pfizer, and [CEO Albert] Bourla, have endorsed the notion that “white supremacy” is at fault for any aproportionality in racial outcomes or any police shootings of black people, thus calumniating white people while infantilizing black people. Predictably, Bourla has nothing to say about black-on-black crime, which results in vastly more deaths than occur as the result of police conduct; or black-on-white crime, which occurs much more often than white-on-black; or about non-racial, personal-behavior components of the success that any person achieves…

What sort of internal racial dialogues does Pfizer advocate? Ones in which black employees are encouraged to speak their minds about race and to express their outrage and concern when black people are shot by police officers (regardless, it appears, of the personal responsibility of those shot) or when non-preferred candidates are elected to office. Whites, however, are given no similar expressive opportunities. The only roles they are granted in these materials are to listen, empathize, accept and apologize.

Scott concludes that this overtly political stance on the part of Pfizer puts it in a perilous situation over the long term:

Now that Pfizer and its vaccine are integral parts of the Biden Administration’s (likely unconstitutional, and opposed by Candidate Biden) vaccine mandate, set to hit tens of millions of Americans, Pfizer has effectively become an arm of the government. You would expect – well, I would expect – that under such circumstances it would strive not to discriminate against anyone, as it will surely be under close and detailed scrutiny the next time investigatory powers change hands. Pfizer appears to disagree.

But, Scott wonders, “where’s the equity in taking away the bodily integrity of tens of millions of Americans?”

As it is, Scott notes that “perhaps ‘equity’ at Pfizer means Pfizer actively discriminates about who gets rights, and who is denied them.”

To read all of “Pfizer ‘Wins’ Discrimination Trifecta,” Scott’s Townhall commentary, click here.

Pfizer’s “Systematic Racism” Problem

Pfizer’s “Systematic Racism” Problem
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Pfizer, the pharmaceutical company best known for one of the COVID-19 vaccines and the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, is up-front about instituting racial quotas. And this exposes the company to complaints that it is actually engaged in the “systemic racism” that its leaders seem to think they will eliminate.

“Is Pfizer admitting that right now, it is practicing systematic racism? That’s a pretty damning admission and one that management and the board must address immediately and publicly,” said National Center Executive Vice President Justin Danhof, Esq., in an interview with the Fox Business Network.

Pfizer’s “Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2020” – published in early 2021 – sets up “opportunity parity goals” for 2025 that commit the company to “increasing our minority representation from 19% to 32%” for blacks and Hispanics. CEO Albert Bourla called them “concrete goals” to fight “systemic racism and gender equity challenges.”

“Lawsuits should abound over Pfizer’s obviously racist hiring system,” Justin pointed out. He explained:

Under federal law, employers are encouraged to seek diverse workforces, but quota systems are completely unlawful. Even in college admissions, where the U.S. Supreme Court has allowed affirmative action programs, the Court has explicitly said that race quotes are illegal to achieve diversity goals.

An anonymous Pfizer employee told the Fox Business Network that “[w]e now have quotas, basically, in hiring and promotions.”

Justin noted this puts Pfizer in legal jeopardy:

All non-minority applicants that are passed over for hiring or promotion at Pfizer should immediately sue the company for discriminatory hiring practices.

And this discrimination, he added, should be troubling also to the company’s shareholders:

[A]s a Pfizer investor, I am worried that hiring people based on race rather than qualifications, will diminish my return on investment,” Danhof added. “It seems that the board is violating its fiduciary obligations to its shareholders as well as its duty of loyalty. Investors should also sue Pfizer to try and stop this racist nonsense.

To read the entire Fox Business Network article, click here.

Left Uses Race Narrative “To Keep the Power”

Left Uses Race Narrative “To Keep the Power”
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New polling reports that – in a stark difference from two decades ago – the American people think race relations are horrible.

Donna Jackson

Project 21 Director of Member Development Donna Jackson suggests that these results come by design and at the hands of those who are allegedly decrying racism the most!

It’s all politics, she remarked during an Epoch Times interview.

While polling on race relations in 2001 found that 70% of surveyed adults thought America was doing a good job on race, a recent Gallup poll of a similar survey group found that 57% of people now consider race relations to be “somewhat” or “very” bad.

These figures come after more than a year of intense focus in the media on racial tensions, claims by activists that America is systemically and historically racist and politicians who are grandstanding on notions of “equity” guiding public policy.

Epoch Times contributor Matthew Vadum asked Donna how this dynamic has impacted public opinion:

There is a perception “right now that whites are born evil, that they’re irredeemable, that everything that whites do is to oppress minorities,” Jackson told The Epoch Times.

The biggest problem is that “a lot of people want that narrative because they get to keep the power.”

The country’s racial problems are “more perception than reality, and I think it’s on purpose that a lot of individuals want to keep that perception in order to keep people apart in real life.”

“People are more alike than they’re different,” Jackson said.

Critical race theory, which “goes against everything that Christianity and Judaism preach,” is playing “a big part” in driving people apart, she said.

To read the entire article, click here.

College Students Given Woke Words List

College Students Given Woke Words List
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Every year, Brandeis University lets its woke students put together a new list of vocabulary that is either preferred or discouraged among the rest of the student body. While the university says it is “deeply committed to free speech and free expression,” its Prevention, Advocacy and Resource Center nonetheless participates in this pronoun pogrom.

Among the dos and donts found on the current “Suggested Language List”:

  • “Long time no see” and “no can do” are considered broken English that may be offensive to Asians and indigenous people.
  • Saying “everything going on right now” without naming problems of police brutality or racism “avoid[s] accountability.”
  • “Picnic” – surprise – is a word associated with lynchings and should be substituted with “outdoor eating.”

The most interesting of the new woke words is the warning against using the term “African-American.” The Brandeis list reports:

For Black folks born in the United States, hyphenating their identity can be interpreted as othering. Some folks do prefer to use African-American, particularly in connection to their ancestral roots, while others may identify with other ethnicities.

Unless, of course, “the person/people identify as such.” Apparently, one should not inform these people that they are offending others by what they call themselves.

It seems like it wasn’t so long ago that people like Jesse Jackson were demanding that people use the term African-American over black. Now it’s the other way around. Yet it was always conservatives who were opposed to the hyphenation they saw as causing division and distrust among Americans of all races.

In the eyes of conservatives, people are simply Americans. It’s the left that still fixates on color.

Derryck Green

Project 21 member Derryck Green believes that the Suggested Language List is an indicator that students at Brandeis are not be getting a good deal for all of the dollars they pay in tuition. In a statement for the website of syndicated talk radio host Todd Starnes, Derryck said:

Brandeis University charges close to $80,000 per year to police language it deems “offensive.”

Politically-correct language that seeks to magically mitigate “discrimination” and exemplify a sense of “equity” is smug self-congratulation. This is another example of why four to five years in college isn’t worth the time or money.

Hypocritical Leftists Left With Egg on Their Faces

Hypocritical Leftists Left With Egg on Their Faces
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“It seems the left is always on the hunt for stories that fit their narrative of America’s prevalent racism, and for perpetrators to punish accordingly.”

Marie Fischer

But, as Project 21 member Marie Fischer points out in a commentary published by The Federalist, there are plenty of unsung stories about the mistreatment of blacks. Unsung because they don’t fit the leftist narrative.

Consider when Larry Elder, who sought to become California’s governor if Gavin Newsom had been recalled, endured an egg hurled at him by a white woman in a gorilla mask. And when Senator Tim Scott was called “#UncleTim” on Twitter after his State of the Union rebuttal, while former Trump cabinet member Dr. Ben Carson was called an “Uncle Tom.” There’s also the blanket slander from then-presidential candidate Joe Biden, who said any black American voting for Trump “ain’t black.”

Pretty hateful. Largely ignored.

These instances did not get much attention from the establishment media. The NAACP did not use its prestige to protect these black Americans from ridicule and scorn. Because the targeted victims didn’t share the left-wing political views of the media and NAACP, this behavior was allowed – even celebrated.

As Marie points out:

[W]hen leftists – especially white ones and those burrowed in corporate media – all too frequently use either dog-whistle terms or flat-out racist rhetoric about black conservatives, they rarely face backlash, loss of status, or financial ruin.

At a time of heightened sensitivity regarding race, it’s unfortunately still open season on black conservatives such as Elder, Scott, Carson and members of the National Center’s Project 21 black leadership network like Marie.

It’s hypocritical, but – as Marie points out – liberals just can’t bring themselves to call their allies out for reprehensible, racist behavior:

If you look anywhere on social media, you will find similar scenarios of black conservatives being denigrated with epithets instead of being debated with thoughts and philosophies. The real question is whether this behavior from the left is simply being ignored, or being accepted.

And how silly can this get? Consider Marie’s own experience with leftist intolerance:

I have been called a “Nazi” while providing testimony at a local county council meeting against illegal immigration. That’s actually quite funny since, besides being a black conservative, I’m also an Orthodox Jew.

To read all of Marie’s commentary – “The Left Claims to Oppose Racism While Spewing It at Black Conservatives” – at the website of The Federalist, click here.

Removing Kids From Radicalized Schools Hurts Their Funding

Removing Kids From Radicalized Schools Hurts Their Funding
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Parents who have discovered that their children are learning divisive critical race theory, are being exposed to sexualized content and are being taught in politicized classrooms are now speaking out. When school boards ignore them, they are raising their voices in protest.

This exercise of First Amendment rights is being called a “threat” by the National School Boards Association (NSBA), which has asked the White House to intervene against their angry constituents. The NSBA referred to concerned parents coming to school board meetings as “angry mobs” – a claim that’s been repeated by the establishment media.

But Project 21 Co-Chairman Stacy Washington – who has served as an elected school board member – understands and agrees with the need for these parents to be heard. “I can tell you that there’s nothing more volatile than dealing with people’s money and their kids,” she noted during an interview on the Newsmax program “John Bachman Now.” And she stated quite simply:

You have to work really hard to earn money to take care of your kids. And your children – you’re entrusting them to this district to teach them, not to indoctrinate them. So of course parents are irate. Their children are being taught pornography. Their children are being taught victimhood. Bastardized U.S. history – it’s not our actual history.

This hasn’t stopped Biden Administration Attorney General Merrick Garland from enlisting federal resources, including the FBI, to look into what he described as “[t]hreats against public servants.” This kind of thinking, Stacy said, is not respectful to parents seeking to fulfill their family obligations:

As a parent, it is your God-given right and responsibility to oversee the education of your children. And if you feel that the people who are doing that are doing a bad job? Get irate. Because there’s nothing wrong with an angry speech.

Stacy is concerned about school boards “lawyering up” when “these people should be responding to the needs of their constituents.” It’s the public officials, she pointed out, who are causing the situation to escalate:

School board members are elected, and they should be responding – not lawyering up or seeking to have these [parents] punished. That’s why people are so angry. Their needs are not being addressed. They’re not being responded to. The answer here is for [the school board] to respond instead of getting upset and trying to sue the parents.

That’s why Stacy suggested that parents may need to take their children out of these situations altogether. She explained that, even in the absence of true school choice options, parents removing their kids from troubled school districts can help bring about change:

[A]t some point, you have to make a decision. And pulling the child [is an option] – because the funding does kind of go with the child. The average daily attendance rate is basically how many butts are in the seats over a 30-day period. The average of that – that’s where the federal funding comes from.

Show these people you mean business. After you’ve given your speech, the school board says they’re gonna send the FBI after you? Not if you’re kid’s not in the district. Take the kids out. If they see 30-40% of the people leave, they’ll decide to change.

Commenting on the contempt many school board members seem to have toward concerned parents, host John Bachman remarked: “God forbid they would exercise a little… self-reflection on what’s actually happening – why these parents might be upset.”

Facebook’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost

Facebook’s Chickens Coming Home to Roost
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Thanks to new revelations from the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is “in a world of hurt” and “may not survive.”

That’s fine with Scott Shepard, director of the National Center’s Free Enterprise Project.

In a Townhall commentary, Scott goes over the new and devastating new-public secrets about the Big Tech titan that only begin with its “whitelist” of VIPs who aren’t sent straight to “Facebook jail” when they act against social media’s amorphous rules of conduct.

It gets worse. In summarizing the Journal’s coverage, Scott calls Facebook “a giant deceit factory”:

  • Instagram content “traumatizes the most easily traumatized: lonely teenagers.”
  • Moderators “can’t be bothered to hire local-language speakers to keep human traffickers and drug cartels off of its site in developing countries.”
  • The company’s algorithms hype up the crazy, because it’s the crazy that keeps people engaged.

And these are all speculated to be nails in the social media platform’s coffin. With Facebook already under threat of losing its protections from liability enjoyed under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act – particularly because of the whitelist – the writing on the monitor screen now seems clear:

Pundits immediately started making comparisons between Facebook and Big Tobacco, which for years continued to assert that cigarette smoking was fine even as its internal studies showed that it carried all the risks that pretty much everyone since the 1920s had suspected it did. And so, the thinking runs, Facebook (and Big Tech or Big Social Media generally) may be headed for the same heavy regulation, restriction and mulcting by state attorneys general to which the tobacco industry has been subject.

While Facebook “always had the option of just letting everyone post anything they wanted,” Scott points out how an obvious decision to become a publisher makes it perilous for them right now:

Facebook’s potential assertions of good faith become radically less plausible (and so 230-protection more tenuous) when we consider that Facebook is not censoring vast categories of posts and messages that it knows and acknowledges to be harmful to its users, such as those Instagram feeds…

But any wisp of a claim to good faith disappears entirely when all these revelations are tied together. Facebook’s own research tells it that intensive use by teens is bad for them, and that being locked in their homes away from their friends increases this use and the harms that flow from that use. Facebook’s response is to censor efforts to end lockdowns and materials that demonstrate that hyper-panicked understandings of and responses to the illness are misguided. Meanwhile, Zuckerberg himself actively colludes with Chief Panic Monger Anthony Fauci to deny Americans constitutional rights.

“It’s harder to imagine worse faith than that,” Scott writes.

If Facebook loses its Section 230 protection, “precisely the people Facebook censors will be able to sue for defamation.” And Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, will have no one to blame but himself.

Click here to read all of Scott’s commentary – “Facebook May Be Doomed.”


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